What is Chinese Massage?

What is Chinese Massage?

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a history of a few thousand years and has been the cornerstone in curing diseases and maintaining health and well-being of the Chinese people. It is based on a holistic approach in the management of an imbalanced condition, where physical signs and symptoms, emotional reactions, social and environmental factors as well as all parts of the human body, etc. are considered interdependent and mutually interactive. For example, emotional disorders may injure the internal organs while dysfunction of internal organs may lead to the disturbance of emotions.

Observation, questioning, hearing, smelling, tongue reading, palpation and pulse reading are techniques commonly used in diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine. From the information collected, evidence will be provided for differentiating the ‘syndromes’, designing the therapeutic principles and organizing a prescription specifically for individuals’ needs. The prescription tailored for each individual seeks to restore harmony and equilibrium for the individual within his or her unique environment.

Yin and Yang

The concept of Yin and Yang originates from Taoism. It can be used to explain the physiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment in Chinese medicine.


Acupuncture is a technique which applies disposable needles or instruments at specific points to activate the circulation of meridian Qi, to regulate the physiological function of the human body and to cure diseases.

Meridians, including its collaterals, form a network connecting all parts of the body, including the internal organs, sensory organs, orifices, limbs and skeletons. It represents a route that transports Qi and blood and influences the functions of internal organs.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Along with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine is the other major pillar of Chinese Medicine. When used by a qualified practitioner, the benefits of an individually tailored prescription can bring substantial benefits for patients. Traditional Chinese herbs are classified and used according to their characteristics and functions. They are used to treat and prevent diseases, regulate ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ and restore normal physiological functions of the body.

Chinese Massage (Tuina)

Specific Chinese massage techniques are used on the body to treat and prevent disease. This is achieved by promoting the circulation of Qi and blood and freeing the meridians, etc.


Acupressure is a therapeutic method using fingers to press certain acupoints to treat and prevent disease.


Moxibustion treat and prevent diseases by applying the stimulation of warmth and heat to the acupoints and meridians using the burning of moxa.


It has similar function to moxibustion. The technique is to attach jars on the body’s surface, causing local congestion through negative pressure.

Gua Sha

This technique promotes blood circulation for the prevention and treatment of diseases by scraping the skin above the acupoints and meridians.

Chinese Dietary Therapy

The application of Chinese diet therapy is based on Chinese medicine principles and theories. This involves the use or avoidance of various foods to treat or prevent disease.

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